Have you already discovered the small cosmetic bags with lettering in the new edition of Milliblu? I love these little needle punched embroidered messages that make the simplest of clothes and bags so special!

Punch Needle Vorlagen

Needle punch, also known as rug hooking, is an old handcraft technique that uses a punch needle and wool or embroidery thread to create loops and stitches on the fabric surface. Today, I’ll show you the basics of this technique.

In addition, I have created some punch needle templates for you, which you can download HERE.



Punch Needle Vorlagen

What you’ll need:

Punch Needle lernen

Punch needle from Clover

Embroidery thread or fine wool yarn

Embroidery hoop

Fabrics: Milliblu’s Jacquard BORDEAUX SPICE & Walkloden UTOPIA

Vlieseline H 630

Here’s how it’s done:

Thread the needle:

To thread the needle, you will need a threading aid. First insert the threading aid through the hollow needle from below until the tip comes out of the head.

Slide the thread through the wire loop.

Slowly pull out the threading aid with the yarn through the tip of the needle.

Now the yarn will hang out at the needle point.

Insert the threading aid into the eye of the needle and push the thread through the wire loop again. Slowly pull the threading aid out. The thread hangs out of the eye of the needle and the punch needle is now properly threaded.

Punch Needle einfädeln

Punch Needle Technik

Punch Needle Tutorial


Punch Needle Clover

Embroidering letters

The font templates are available in two versions: normal and mirrored.

The Punch needle can be used to embroider different stitch types: imitation loop, backstitch and satin stitch. If you transfer the normal font onto the right side of the fabric, you can only embroider on the right side of the fabric with the back and satin stitch.

Do you want to see the small loops on the right side? Transfer the mirrored template to the wrong side of the fabric.

Transfer template

The easiest way to transfer typeface templates is to use the fabric with the Clover iron-on transfer pin. The pattern is here first redrawn on a pattern of copy paper, positioned on the fabric and ironed.

Place the fabric in the hoop

Place the fabric into the embroidery hoop without wrinkles and drum-tight.

Embroidering with the punch needle

Make sure the thread coming out the back of the needle is loose.

First, insert the needle deep into the fabric and then pull it upwards.

Slide the needle tip over the fabric and start the next stitch. Repeat the process until the surface is embroidered.

Finish embroidering.

You may have noticed while embroidering that the stitches can easily unravel when you pull on a thread. To prevent this from happening, you can easily press fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of your work. The threads are then bonded to the fabric of interfacing.

Punch Needle Vorlagen

Needle punching is love at the first stitch – this allows you to pep up your self-sewn clothes, bags and decorative objects, in no time, to one of a kind and absolutely trendy pieces. With the big, cool lettering you will attract loads of attention and you will not need any more accessories!0

Punch Needle Tasche

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